Owner, McKayla



Overnight sitter, Hiking pack leader.

A Seattle native now residing in Bend Oregon, owner McKayla Wagoner has been caring for animals in her community since she was 13. After adopting her first dog on her own in 2010 the passion for rescue and pet nutrition began. In 2013 she started working for a holistic pet supply retailer until 2016 and now runs McWags full time. McKayla spends her days exploring with her Rottweiler, Nala, and snuggling with her cat Max and American Bully, Ruger whens she’s not caring for pets all around Central Oregon. McKayla is currently our main caretaker and is your main contact when reaching out to McWags Pet Care. 

Beth, Overnight Sitter


Meet Beth! Beth is a proud St Bernard mom and cat mom to 4 spoiled kitties. She has spent time in feral cat rescue back when she lived in AZ and works remotely so she can spend more time with her pup Murphy. She can't wait to meet your pets!

Rylee, Overnight Sitter


Rylee came to beautiful Bend, OR from Kansas with her docile lab mix Jaxon to soak up all Bend has to offer. She is a frequent camper and avid hiker and has a background with a variety of animals. Her father is a retired Great Dane breeder and she grew up with not only cats and dogs but a wide variety of farm animals as well on their large rural property.

Dani , Overnight Sitter


Dani is a Bend native, born and raised. Her love of animals started when she was just a kid. Growing up Dani cared for dogs, cats, birds and lizards. Her passion for animals and outdoors never diminished so she is thrilled to be in a career that allows her to embrace both.  

Holly, Overnight Sitter


Dental Hygenist by day, animal cuddler by night. Holly is an Oregon Native now residing in Bend. Though all of her pets have sinced passed, she enjoys hanging out with all our furry clients and taking them on adventures. She's got a soft spot for Great Danes (her previous dogs) and cats, but is happy to care for any breed under the sun. If she’s not hanging out with your pets you can probably find her on top of a mountain somewhere!

Heidi, Overnight Sitter


Heidi is actually a Seattle resident who loves your pets so much she flys in to Bend to come watch them! She has a small Cavachon of her own and because of her crazy dog lady daughter (Owner, McKayla) she has come to gain experience around a wide variety of breeds, sizes, and temperments. She loves relaxing and hanging out with your pets at home as well as taking them on a stroll through the neighbor or around Old Mill.

The Inspiration


 McKayla's inspiration came from her rescued Staffordshire, Chevy. Adopted when he was just 6 month old, Chevy came with her everywhere. He developed food allergies when he was just 2 and McKayla sought help from Mud Bay and began her pet nutrition journey from there. Chevy passed in 2017 after being diagnosed with liver cancer that was beyond treatment. He lives on in the hearts of all he met. 

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